• Thompson’s Organic Magnesium 120 tablets

♦ Product Description:

Magnesium is a master mineral that coordinates the proper function of nerves, muscle, blood vessels and bone. Seventy per cent of the body’s Magnesium is stored in bones and teeth. As Magnesium helps to hold Calcium in our bones it may protect against Calcium build-up in arteries. Magnesium is vital to the functioning of muscles (including the heart), as well as to the transmission of nerve impulses and to brain function. Magnesium is also involved in many enzyme systems responsible for the metabolism of foods and the release of energy. 
A diet high in dairy products and simple sugar increases Magnesium requirements in the body and an increased consumption of processed foods, which are often depleted in Magnesium, leads to symptoms of Magnesium deficiency. 
Magnesium deficiency may also arise as a result of other factors that reduce absorption or increase excretion of Magnesium, such as regular alcohol comsumption, the use of diuretics, liver or kidney disease and the use of oral contraceptives.
Because Magnesium is best absorbed in a bound form, Thompson's Organic Magnesium Complete has been formulated to include Magnesium aspartate, Magnesium orotate and Magnesium amino acid chelate. Organic forms are better absorbed and are better utilised than inorganic forms because they are presented to the body in a form which can be more readily and rapidly absorbed. Thompson’s Organic Magnesium Complete is, thus, a highly bioavailable form of Magnesium, in a base of the Magnesium-rich wholefood, Kelp. It also contains Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D as cofactors involved in the absorption and utilisation of Magnesium.
♦ Organic Magnesium Benefits:
  • PMT symptoms
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Heart Health
  • Tension Headaches
♦ Ingredients:
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) 30 mg
Cholecalciferol 2.5 mcg
Equiv. Vitamin D 100 IU
Magnesium Aspartate 100 mg
Equiv. Magnesium 7.5 mg
Magnesium Orotate 100 mg
Equiv. Magnesium 6.4 mg
Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate 805.5 mg
Equiv. Magnesium 161 mg
Total elemental Magnesium 175 mg
Magnesium-Rich Wholefoods
Kelp (Equiv. Fucus vesiculosus herb dry) 25 mg
♦ Dosage:
Adults - One tablet a day (between meals), or as advised by a health practitioner.
♦ Contraindications:
Keep out of reach of children.

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