Bowron Natural Sheepskin Rug -Double Piece is long wool lambskin luxury. It is natural shaped longwool lambskin rug. 

♦ Size:
2’ x 6’ / 60cm x 180cm minimum
♦ Pile Height :
Longwool natural shaped 2 rugs. Minimum pile height 60mm/2 inches


♦ Country of Origin :

It is made in New Zealand with 100% sheepskin. 

♦ Standards: 

Bowron Sheepskins products displaying the Woolmark ® logo reach requirements detailed in Woolmark ® SI Specification in relation to colour and light fastness, washability and other required performance standards. Bowron Sheepskins meet all of the requirements of REACH legislation implemented in Europe since 2006.  Bowron Sheepskins meet all requirements of CPSC (US Consumer Product Safety Commission).  CPSC is committed to protecting consumers from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical or mechanical hazard or can injure children. 

♦ Care: 
Spot Cleaning by Hand
  • Spot clean using soft cloth.
  • Use warm water/max 38oC/100oF temperature.
  • Use recommended cleaning agent – refer to Cleaning Agent section.
  • Clean affected area using moist soft cloth in circular motion, starting on outside of area and working into centre.
  • Using dry cloth to apply pressure and remove excess moisture.
  • To dry – refer to Drying section.
Complete Immersion by Hand
  • Complete immersion clean using warm water/max 38oC/100oF temperature.
  • Use recommended cleaning agent – refer to Cleaning Agent section.
  • Drying – refer to Drying section.
  • This product can be drycleaned.
  • We recommend using a professional drycleaning service.
Cleaning Agents
  • We recommend the use of NON ionic mild liquid detergents only.
  • Do not use non alkaline products.
  • Do not use products containing biological enzymes or bleach.
Drying (LW)
  • Products should be line or flat dried only.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not force dry.
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight.
  • Product should be pulled back into original size and shape while damp prior to drying.
  • We recommend brushing using a medium wire pet brush first while product damp and then again when completely dry to encourage the original fluffy appearance.
  • Note:  Excessive heat will cause hardening of leather and/or product shrinkage.
  • Air movement while drying is recommended.

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