• Red Seal Ginkgo Brain Alert 30 Capsules

Red Seal Ginkgo Brain Alert 30 Capsules!!! 

Red Seal Ginkgo Brain Alert provides brain support for mental alertness and focus and supports mental performance, healthy brain function, awareness, mental clarity, and focus. Guarana supports mental alertness, stamina and focus. Ginseng helps with stress and fatigue during prolonged periods of mental activity.

♦ Ingredients:
Ginkgo leaf (G.biloba): extract equivalent to: 2000mg
Guarana seed (P.cupana): 67.5mg (22.0 % Caffeine Alkaloid)
Ginseng root (P.ginseng) extract equivalent to: 160mg
Encapsulating aids 

♦ Directions:
1 – 2 capsules daily with breakfast or lunch
♦  Precautions and contra-indications:  

Store below 25°C with lid tightly closed. No added: Yeast, gluten, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, preservatives, dairy, corn, soy, wheat or nuts. Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or for people with hypertension, bleeding disorders or taking prescribed anticoagulant, anticonvulsant, or blood sugar lowering medication. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age

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