• From Nature Premium Colostrum Milk 120 Tablets

♦ Product Description:

FromNature Premium Colostrum Tablets benefit all ages and may promote the body's immune, digestive and growth system. Each tablet provides premium grade New Zealand bovine colostrum collected only from pasture-fed cows, promptly after calving. This colostrum tablet product may help to boost the immune system, IgG, growth factors to maintain a healthy body. 
♦ Ingredients: (Two tablets contain)
New Zealand Colostrum (IgG 20~25%) 800mg
Instant whole milk powder 240mg
Milk calcium powder 110mg
Natural strawberry flavour  




♦ Dosage:

1 year +: Take 2-4 tablets daily

12 years +: Take 4-8 tablets daily

Note: This tablet contains dairy ingredients

♦ Precautions and contra-indications:
Lactose Intolerance can occur in people who are allergic to lactose. Lactose is the major sugar within milk. Preganant, Nursing mothers and infants: Please consult your doctor before using Colostrum.

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